Mission & Vision

Who We Are

Palatine Park District is a separate municipal governing agency established for the purpose of providing parks, facilities, and recreation programs for the community. The Park District is responsible for the maintenance, operation, and administration of parks and facilities under its jurisdiction.

Mission – What We Do

Our mission is to provide a variety of safe, enjoyable, and affordable parks, programs, and recreational facilities that will enhance the quality of life by promoting good health and well-being for all residents and visitors while being fiscally responsible stewards of community assets and tax dollars.

Values – How We Operate

We are committed to moving the District’s Mission forward through actions guided by the following Values:

  • Integrity: Exhibiting trust and transparency in all our actions, or in other words, what you do when you think no one is watching.
  • Communication: Creating and setting clear expectations through timely and open conversation while effectively respecting the differences of others.
  • Accountability: Taking action and ownership for all work responsibilities, obligations to those we serve and ensuring timely and effective follow through in all we do.
  • Collaboration: Seeking outreach and partnerships within the community and achieving better results by working together in a respectful and inclusive way. Being leaders in community development and improvement.
  • Leadership: Encouraging opportunities and professional growth for employees within a positive culture and trustful environment while practicing open-mindedness and fairness to all involved. Being leaders in our community by promoting positive social influences through role modeling.